white boys who respond to criticism of racism and sexism by ominously saying that there are ‘bigger problems’ scare me. like what is this big secret problem and why won’t anyone tell me about it? are we going to be eaten alive by mutant sharks? are oranges secretly poisoning us? who knows. the white boys, apparently.


Honestly don’t know why people find the west coast/California appealing….. like can someone explain it to me?

LA area: the way the sunlight seeps into your bones almost every day with a warmth so deep that on the rare day clouds cover the sky in grey you feel your soul singing to fill the cool air, the haze that covers dingy downtown buildings whether it’s 11am or 4pm, the way the mountains rise out of the desert against the crisp blue sky, the scrubland that overtakes everything as you head out the 10 east into san bernadino county, when you crest a hill and the whole san gabriel valley is lit up against the night sky like a bed of stars inviting you to be expansively.

driving in what anyone else would call traffic but what we call nothing, listening to the mountain goats, listening to passion pit and tune-yards and anything else that perfectly captures the subtle energy of movement, driving with sunglasses against the glare and in the glitter of tail lights at night, never wanting to get in the car again because you’re so fucking sick of commuting, driving everywhere anyway.

wanting to move north or east or anywhere else on the rare chilly day that feels like real seasons, because of how gorgeous it feels to remember that in other places, the leaves change. sunbathing in january and eating delicious local food and never wanting to move again.

southern california is terrible, and i love it.

shit i am tired of



cis people get pronouns. trans people get preferred pronouns.

cis people get a gender. trans people get to identify as a gender.

these are microaggressions designed to undermine and invalidate who we know ourselves to be, and to reinforce the perceived inauthenticity of trans people.

this is always harmful, and for some, primarily trans feminine people and esp trans feminine poc, it can be dangerous or deadly.


And now yo know *part* of why I never say I “identify” as a woman.

And why people saying that I do are lying to you.


psychotic =/= evil

psychotic =/= violent

psychotic =/= killer

psychotic = relating to a mental illness that includes hallucinations, delusions and paranoia as symptoms

NOT morally depraved, NOT bloodthirsty, NOT bad, JUST mentally ill